Christmas Bells ringing, singing

“Christmas bells are ringing.

Hear what they say to you:

Jesus is born in Bethlehem, in Bethlehem.

Christmas bells, ringing, singing:

Jesus is born, is born

in Bethlehem, born in Bethlehem.”

Christmas is a holy annual celebration which occurred every year on 25th December. It is mainly a religious and cultural festival which is celebrated by billions of people around the world. This day has various names like Nativity day, Xmas day, Noel day and Yule day. Bell is normally a musical toy, but when it joins with Christmas, then the value of a bell automatically increases. Christmas bells especially church bells are traditionally associated with Christmas for a long time. As church service starts after sunset and then most of the people stays at home so they used this bell as a signal or alarm that Christmas time is now started. must check Christmas clip art.

In United Kingdom, several churches has a tradition to ring the largest bell four times before midnight. All the church bells are rang together when the celebration starts. In Catholic Church all the religious service held the midnight and people have to join the service on that time. At Christmas service when the Priest said “Gloria” then all the bells rings. In many Catholic countries like France, Italy and Spain people like to visit churches at midnight and join to that custom. It is called midnight mass. Santa is also related with this day and he also carries a hand bell on his hand. There are so many poems and songs about this bell; “Jingle Bell” tune is evergreen of them. must share Christmas meme with your friends.

So hope you understand the importance of bells in Christmas. It is one the symbol of Christmas celebration. People decorate the Christmas tree with little bells. In Victorian ages, people go for Christmas carol with a little hand bell on their hand. They rang this bell with the carol tune and it was the fashion at that time. Though, hand-bell ringing on Christmas time is still popular to us. So friends celebrate your Christmas with joy and merriment; hope this Christmas will bring new hope and bless to your life. here is the best Christmas images for your family and friends.

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