Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Possible Specs and Features

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

After the tragedy with Samsung Galaxy Note 7, everybody thought that Samsung was going to stop producing further Note series phones. The Note 7 was out in the market only for 53 days after they are called off for safety reasons. The balance sheet of the company was really down, and Samsung almost lost every battle in the world at that moment. But the tech giant of the world, Samsung saw it differently. Earlier this year, the whole world got astonished when Samsung announced that they are going to make Note 8 this year and according to various report, Galaxy Note 8 is going to be launched this year in 2017.

Once the news was out in the space. Naturally, a lot of rumors got created about the phone. There are a lot of anticipations from the users, as well as experts, about the new Galaxy Note 8. Some of the rumors regarding the phone features and specifications are given below: –

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Probable Specs and Features

Display: – Samsung Galaxy Note 8 features will be close as their newly launched Galaxy S8. Note 8 may feature a 6.5-inch display with QHD resolution and a super megapixel density Super AMOLED panel. Samsung may also introduce VR technology along with 4K display with Note 8.

Another important feature in the display could be reduced bezels size. In their previous Galaxy S8, Samsung has already reduced the top and bottom bezels size of the screen. It is expected that Samsung is going to continue the same trend with Galaxy Note 8 and decreased the bezels size further to make it look more suave.

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Processor & Memory: –The previous S 8 phone is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor with 6 GB RAM, and hence it is expected that the Note 8 is also going to be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor with 6 GB or 8 GB RAM.

The internal storage could be 64 GB and 128 GB which is further expandable to 256 GB using external SD cards.

Fingerprint Scanner: –In the Galaxy S8 version, Samsung has already moved the fingerprint scanner in the back side. So it is pretty easy to guess that with the launch Galaxy Note 8, Samsung is going to place the fingerprint scanner in the front, just under the display. This is strategically placed in such place which will allow the users to unlock the screen by scanning his/her finger anywhere on the screen.

Galaxy Note 8 S-Pen: -The design of the Note 8 S-pen is assumed to remain same, only there may be additional features on it. One of the significant features of S-pen this time is that Samsung is going to place speaker on the pen shaft. The speaker is most probably placed on the top of the pen shaft.

Dual Camera: -There is a great rumor that Samsung is going to introduce a dual 12 MP camera for the first time with their Note 8. The camera will have dual tone flash and OIS and f1/6 aperture size. Critics say that the dual camera in Note 8 will be better than iPhone 7 and 7+ and will compete with iPhone 8 cameras.

If the features, that are assumed and discussed, turn to be true, the Note 8 will give a steep competition to iPhone 8 as both the phones are predicted to be launched at the same time this year.

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