3 Best Electric Shavers: Your Guide to Becoming a Well-Groomed Gentleman

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When it comes to grooming, no words we use is quite enough. Anyone, be it an office goer, a student, businessman, everyone has to look every bit presentable n order to go up the ladder of success. Hence, the boom in the sales of electric shavers. While critics and sociologists might dismiss this as just a passing fad or the need to stoke the narcissism that is inherent in everybody, everyone needs their personalized list of 3 best electric shavers. We have the top three picks for you.

3 Best Electric Shavers: Who Are The Top Ones?

In case you are wondering what criteria we have chosen these three best electric shavers, we have an answer to that as well. The number one criterion is safety. You do not wish to slice your neck open while you have your morning trim. Next comes durability. If your device is durable enough, it will last you a pretty long while.

Also, we have chosen this list based on what quality the blades are made of. Stainless steel helps: a coating of other metal is also needed for those close shaves. Lastly, it must be said that the price of the top electric shavers is a very important factor while you make your decision. Now, without any ado, let us begin the countdown.

Best Electric Shavers
  • Braun Series 9 9090cc (Foil Shaver): As the name itself suggests, this is a foil shaver. This essentially means that they provide a closer shave than most rotary shavers and is a big plus point. Braun is a household name as well. It is available everywhere too. This entry in our best electric shavers is in major part to the SyncroSonic technology that it boasts of. This essentially means that it has 4 beautiful cutting elements totally synchronized for around 40,000 cross-cutting moves per minute. However, it can be a tad pricey as well.
  • Panasonic Arc 5: This is easily one of the best shavers available at this point in time. Since the name itself has a significant resonance among many users, we do not have to introduce it. Ideal for both dry and wet shaves, this entry will be ideal for those who have sensitive skins. Also on board is a 14,000 cpm (Cycles Per Minute) linear-drive motor which makes for a very close shave.
  • Philips Norelco 9700 Electric Shaver: Philips has a very good subject for our list of best electric shavers as well. The Norelco 9700 is a very good rotary shaver and has been appreciated by many users. We like the build of the device as well. It might be a little pricey for some.

Wrap Up

Now, you know about the 3 best electric shavers. If you have any suggestions or questions pertaining to this list, feel free to ask. We have not picked the best electric shaver for that decision is yours to take.


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