Steam Mop Buying Guide 2018

A steam mop is much like a regular mop has its job cut down to cleaning dirt off floors & carpets. Unlike a regular mop, steam mop uses steam to clean off the dirt. A mop normally would need some kind of cleaning agents likely bleach or detergent to be effective but a steam mop uses steam to fumigate any materials. The steam is generated from water which is stored is a reservoir pocket which heats it to a temperature of 120 0C. The mop comes with a microfiber pad, which is placed under the steam jet which traps the dirt. These mops are designed to be used on multiple surfaces starting from floors which are hardwood or laminated to carpets stains & provide a sanitized area. Conceptualized in South Korea these mops sometimes come with dual microfiber pads which allows cleaning twice before changing the mop pads.

Now, if you are wondering on how to choose the best steam mop between so many options that are available on both offline & online stores, here is a small guide which can give you a detail about steam mops & the features you want in your steam mop. Doing a little research is never a bad idea before you go for a steam mop or any other product. Following are some of the features you should keep in your mind before making a purchase decision.

  • MULTI-TASKING STEAM MOP: Steam mops now a day can multi-task. There are steam mops available which can also clean off dry fragments of dust or debris along with sanitizing the floor or cleaning stain marks. It is always easier to sweep once with one tool rather than doing twice with different tools.
  • STEAM SELECTION OR CONTROLLER: It is important to understand that cleaning different surfaces would require different steam output. It is needed to be tailored to the specific material. Look for a model which lets you adjust the steam would be best. The system will let you adjust the steam according to the need.
  • RESERVOIR CAPACITY: The capacity of the reservoir is vital, as it can cap the usage of the of the mop. Some of the mops feature low capacity reservoir which can end in as low as ten minutes’ others can work a good 45 minutes.
  • CORD LENGTH: We often miss this part but another vital aspect of buying a steam mop or any other mop is to have a decently long cable or cord. A short cord again can cause a hindrance & may have to plug & unplug again & again.
  • INDICATORS: This is another handy feature to have in your model is a water level indicator. As obviously, a steam mop needs to be refilled with water after using for some time & it is always better to have some kind of indication before the water fully dry off.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Flexibility of the head of the cleaner would make life a lot easier for you to reach to places with low clearance. A fold-flat design or a telescopic design would be a perfect choice for you.
  • ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES: Few models come with additional accessories to clean different areas like curtains, carpets etc. These accessories can be very handy & you should consider models with extra accessories.

These are few features which you must consider while buying a steam mop. we must read out best steam mop review before buying. Hope this blog gives a decent idea before ordering a steam mop. Comment down below if you think you should consider any other feature while buying a steam mop.

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